Hello from the Little Kitchen!
We are a New Orleans based pop-up kitchen
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We are two New Orleans food industry veterans who have worked in a variety of local restaurants, pop-ups and the movie catering business.

Our Food

We specialize in a wide variety of cuisines: New Orleans food, Cajun food, Pan-Asian, South American/Carribbean, Southern/BBQ, Vegan/Vegetarian, you name it!


We will work closely with you in crafting a menu that suits your needs, taste and budget!

Our Team

Nadia Ogbor


Nadia, a New York City native, has been lived and cooked in New Orleans for the last four years. She has worked for a wide variety of local restaurants, from Pizza Domenica to the pioneering Nigerian eatery, Lagos. Her Nigerian roots and upbringing in New York City and Latin America infuse her food with flavor which is unique and always inviting.

Jesse Wilson


Jesse hails from a minor mecca of world cuisine, Northern Virginia, which exposed him to a wide variety of food from a young age. After moving to New Orleans in 2009, he started off with company founded with friends, Ease Back Catering. He moved on to work at Cochon Butcher and cater films with Location Gourmet. He specializes in Southern cuisine, Pan-Asian flavors, pickles, smoked meats and seafood.